Arduino Kits

Here is a list of Arduino kits you can buy to use in this workshop.

I would recommend the adafruit Starter Pack for most people, but I wanted to offer some other choices and options.

If people are interested in the LilyPad for wearable applications, I would still start with another starter kit to get familiar with the basics first. Embedding electronics in garments is a little tricky, requiring soldering and sewing.

Name Source Price Description
Starter Pack
$65.00 Everything you need for basic projects and then some: USB cable, AC & battery, breadboard, wires, components, and a prototyping shield (requires soldering). This is good if you’ll want to do more than simple exercises.
Budget Pack
$49.50 This will get you going at a minimal cost. You can add other stuff later if you stay interested.
“Getting Started with Arduino”
$12.95 A lovely little book by Arduino founder Massimo Banzi that is a thorough introduction to using Arduino hardware and software, for those who like nicely illustrated explanations on paper.
Inventor’s Kit
$94.95 A starter kit that has a lot more components than the adafruit one, plus a set of sample exercises and booklet. Does not have battery or AC power adapters (for untethered applications).
Starter Kit
$59.95 Another starter kit, but with fewer parts and components than the Inventor’s Kit.
“Getting Started with Arduino”
$10.95 Same book as above, from a different vendor.
LilyPad Pro Kit
$39.95 A version of the Arduino designed specifically for wearable applications. It is waterporrof and can be sewn into graments. Requires soldering, so not for the beginner, but very cool.
LilyPad E-Sewing Kit
$19.95 An add-on pack for the LilyPad with versions of components that can be sewn into fabric and clothing.